The Human Rights Commission (HRCSL) is now reluctant to admit that it had summoned public security minister Tiran Alles to explain police crackdowns on two protests by university students.

With the HRCSL having said in a statement in Sinhala about the summons on him on March 09, Alles decided against appearing before it on March 13.

Five days later, it said in another statement in English that it was a request for a clarification only.

Its chairperson disputed reports that the HRCSL had the full powers and authority to summon anyone before it to testify or submit documents.

None of these statements have been issued in the other language or in Tamil.

Alles said he would not appear before the HRCSL as he had not been asked as per the proper procedure.

The HRCSL is yet to publicize a list of senior police officers deployed to curb the strikers which it had requested from the police before March 10.


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