An IT officer attached to the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) has been assaulted by an office assistant over an alleged vehicle parking dispute.

IT officer Buddhika Tilakaratne had been on duty around 5.30 pm yesterday (11), when OA Saman Fernando confronted his senior and attacked him.

The attacker’s excuse is reportedly that Tilakaratne’s motorcycle had blocked the path of his car in the parking area.

The assault victim is receiving treatment at Jayewardenepura Hospital.

An investigation revealed the IT officer’s revelation of a computer appliance purchase fraud was behind the incident.

Certain top officials of the GSMB have bought the appliances worth nearly Rs. 28 million despite all state institutions being instructed to restrict their expenses.




These appliances are being kept at a storehouse belonging to the GSMB at Yakkala, the media reported.

However, no payment has so far been made for the purchases, after other officials pointed it out as an unnecessary expenditure.


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