I believe that none of the political groups are capable of defeating Ranil Wickremesinghe at this moment.

The reason is that Ranil is a mature politician. Everybody competes with the youth.

Politics, especially in Sri Lanka, is a game to be played as one matures. The reason is that the most important things in politics are patience and biding one’s time.

The so-called uprising that claims to have changed Sri Lanka rises from the opposite direction as a broiler political action. Everybody needs instant solutions. Being young, everybody had the vision to rebuild the country.

But, that young politics is like a joke for the matured in the political field. Like, a marathon runner running for 100 metres.

Only a few are capable of defeating Ranil. One is Mahinda. Or else, Chandrika. Anura is still immature. Sajith cannot come on board at least.

As long as those who amuse themselves in the name of politics will have to remain relegated to Ranil’s board until they understand the advantage of being politically mature.


Chinthana D







Chinthana Dharmadasa

(Political & social analyst/Director - facultyofsex)



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