April 25 is a suitable date to hold the local government polls, the Election Commission said today (07) after the election was postponed from March 09.

Following a meeting, the EC directed returning officers to make an announcement in this connection.

It said previously the LG polls would not be held on the due date as a result of unexpected and unavoidable factors surrounding the printing of ballot papers and other matters relating to the holding of the election.

Meanwhile, during a speech to the House, president Ranil Wickremesinghe said elections would take place once the country regains stability.

He invited the opposition to join the programme to stabilize the economy.

While accepting people’s right to freedom of expression, the president again warned of strong measures against any attempt at sabotage.


Finance secretary absent at meeting


This morning’s meeting at the election commission to fix a new date for the LG polls was also attended by the police chief, government printer and political party representatives.

After the meeting, SJB’s Mujibur Rahman said the finance ministry secretary was absent at the discussion despite being asked to attend.

On March 03, the Supreme Court issued an interim injunction on the finance secretary and the attorney general against withholding funds for the election.


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