Four policemen have been arrested after a murder suspect fled from their custody moments after he was nabbed at the Katunayake airport.

The criminal, a Navy deserter, is accused of nine killings, the most recent one committed in Hanwella, said police media spokesman Nihal Talduwa.

He had been identified by immigration officials as he tried to go to Dubai using a fake identity last night (24) as he has been imposed with two air travel bans.

Immigration officials informed the airport police, who arrested the man.

Soon after, two persons disguised as Buddhist monks had arrived to get him released.

In the meantime, Mirihana police informed airport police that a team would be sent to take him away.

By the time the team arrived, the suspect managed to flee as he had not been kept in a cell.

The four policemen taken into custody for allowing him to flee are the OIC, a sergeant and two constables of the airport police.

There is suspicion that they had been bribed into allowing the suspect to escape.



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