SJB MP Rohini Kumari Kaviratne has complained to the Speaker against education minister Susil Premajayantha over his use of obscene language against her in parliament this morning (24).

At House sittings, the MP raised the assault and arrest of two teachers attending a meeting on teacher transfers at the Education Ministry yesterday by inebriated policemen.

Dissatisfied with the answer received, she persisted with the matter, when Premajayantha blurted out in anger “Mala H......kne Mey Geni”, live telecast of the proceedings showed.

At the time, the speaker was in the chair and there were even schoolchildren in the public gallery.

According to the MP’s complaint, the minister had directed obscenities twice at her.



Complaint to IGP


Meanwhile, MP Kaviratne and several others from the SJB complained to the IGP with regard to the incident at the ministry.

They called for the immediate enforcement of the law against the assault and unlawful arrest after identifying the culprits and holding an impartial investigation.


Internal inquiry by ministry


The ministry said it was conducting an internal inquiry into the matter and would send a report to the secretary of internal security for action.

This is based on a decision taken at a meeting between the minister and trade union leaders.


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