The Chairman of the National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) Karu Jayasuriya said that it's very important for every responsible party, including every citizen, to have a proper understanding of the true nature of the serious crisis that our motherland is facing today.

Issuing a statement yesterday (21), the former speaker said:


"There can be no debate among many of them as to who is really responsible for the crisis the country is facing today. However, at this moment, we cannot avoid raising the question as to whether all parties are working with a real understanding of the great danger the country is facing."


We raise this issue with a sincere feeling about the entire nation, without any power aspiration or patronage of any political camp, and because we have a responsibility to inherit a progressive country for the future generations without being trapped by race, caste, religion or other narrow limits.

Today our country is not in a situation where we can divide and fight with each other for power, but in a situation where the country needs to be built by putting collective responsibility in front.

It is very important that the Government, all other political parties and institutions that have to deal with national responsibility, and all citizens in general understand the need of the hour.


Therefore, we appeal to all parties at this moment to stop all activities that may hinder the well-being of the country, at least for a certain period of time.


We believe that it is important for the Government to listen to the people's sentiments and understand the issues well and resolve the issues through the Parliament. We would like to further point out the need to hold elections in a timely manner while respecting the people's opinion."


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