The UNP is convening its working committee this afternoon (21) to discuss around 1,100 of its local government members who are supporting the SJB.

A proposal is to be adopted at the WC to expel them from the party and appoint new members in their place as per a disciplinary committee decision.

The new members should be appointed at least a few days prior to the appointment of commissioners to oversee the LG bodies, the UNP management committee has decided.


LG bodies to be brought under special commissioners


With the LG polls unlikely to take place before March 19, LG bodies will be brought under the administration of special commissioners, according to government sources.

On that day, the terms of LG bodies extended by one year will end, and the election is scheduled for March 09.

However, no funding coming from the government means the LG polls cannot take place on the due date.

Therefore, municipal councils will be entrusted to urban commissioners and the urban councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas brought under the respective secretaries, said the sources.


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