The Tamil language ‘Nethra TV’ channel of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation will be expanded to cover the entire island, said SLRC director general Asanga Jayalath.

The channel was launched when the late Mangala Samaraweera was the media minister with the intention of focusing on religious and cultural affairs of Tamil people.


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SLRC director-general Asanga Jayalath


Jayalath said ‘Nethra TV’ has now won great attraction locally and will be telecast to the northern and eastern provinces and the rest of the island more clearly with a transmission tower in Jaffna, as the SLRC celebrates its 41st anniversary this year.

It will organize seminars and workshops for Tamil schoolchildren in parallel to ‘Nena Mihira’ programme of ‘Rupavahini’ channel.

‘Nethra TV’ will also hold a cultural festival for Tamil people while ‘Vanakkam Nethra’ will devote more airtime to promote self-employment ventures among women in the north and the east, said Jayalath.

Additionally, it will encourage the production of short films, songs and give opportunities to Tamil children to identify and develop their sporting skills.

New teledramas during the 6.30pm-9.00 belt and movies at the weekends are also planned.

Nethra TV’ will soon open a branch office in Jaffna to bring the people in the two provinces closer with the channel, the SLRC’s DG added.


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