The Plan-B Collective calls for the continuation of the struggle initiated by the late Mangala Samaraweera for reconciliation among the communities.

When he was living, the former minister had highlighted the importance of unity and peace among the communities in order to win the economic battle and to create a developed economy.

Co-founder of Plan-B Maheel Bandara said in a video released online yesterday (12) that it was a timely need to fully implement the 13th amendment to the constitution as stressed by president Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Bandara said they were supporting the implementation of 13A only to take forward the late Mangala Samaraweera’s struggle to ensure equal rights for all communities, and not intended to side with president Wickremesinghe.


Plan-B is a group of youths who had worked closely with the late minister aiming to incorporate his radical and liberal ideals in society.


Bandara said further in his video that certain parties have shown their political opportunism by keeping silent in the wake of the president’s promise on 13A made prior to the announcement of the date for the local government polls, but opposing it thereafter.

Also, certain others are misleading the people by claiming to have an alternative for this particular amendment, said Bandara.

He called for the full implementation of the 13A, saying the government has a good opportunity to ensure the identity and the rights of the northern Tamils, who still cannot think Sri Lanka as the country of their own.

This is also the best opportunity to obtain their contributions for the struggle to rebuild the country, as they felt almost next to nothing about the Galle Face struggle.

“13A is a must-answer call to establish peace and create a universal Sri Lankan,” Bandara added in the video.


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