The printing of ballot papers is yet to begin for the local government polls.

The distribution of ballot papers should begin on February 15.

An EC official has warned the Government Press that courts would be informed if no ballot papers are printed.

The matter also led to an exchange of words between EC’s commissioner general Saman Sri Ratnayake and the government printer at a meeting last Friday.

The EC is yet to pay the Government Press for the printing work it has done so far for the LG polls.

Officials of several state agencies have refused to do their part in the election on credit basis.

A trade unionist in the Government Press said the printing of ballot papers would begin only after getting advice sought from the attorney general.

In light of this situation, the three days of postal voting due to begin on February 22 is unlikely to take place, certain media reported.

Meanwhile, a senior official rejected claims the Government Press was not having paper and ink required for printing work relating to the LG polls.


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