Leading trade unions are conducting a widespread work stoppage today (08) in a mark of protest against the new taxes introduced by the government.

Doctors at state-run hospitals are staying away from their duties as well as private channeling, while continuing with emergency services only.

They are also protesting against the government failure to address a severe shortage of medicines, according to GMOA spokesman Dr. Chamil Wijesinghe.

A protest rally will also take place at Hyde Park in Colombo, he said.

Bank employees are preparing to strike from 12.30 pm, said secretary of their union Ranjan Senanayake.

University lecturers will engage in a one-day strike, while TUs in the electricity, water, petroleum and port sectors are due to hold a joint protest at Colombo Fort in the afternoon.

Port workers have been on a work-to-rule campaign since this morning, while others are on sick leave.

Following suit are executive grade officers in the public service, said their union leader H.A.L. Udayasiri.

Most services sectors are to be disrupted as a result of the TU action, while electricity supply is expected to remain unaffected.


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