Deputy director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Rukshan Bellana was freed from five hours of detention by hospital workers yesterday afternoon (19), police said.

He was confined to his office room by minor employees who accused him of having made a statement derogatory of them, which preceded a protest demanding his removal.

Police mediated to hold a discussion between the protestors and Health Ministry officials.

Trade unionist R.A.D. Sumith Hemantha told the media that Dr. Bellana had falsely accused minor workers of breaking open patients’ cupboards and stealing their mobile phones and hot water bottles.

Hemantha charged the deputy director of serving the political wants of certain persons.

The protestors would remain until they received a letter for his immediate temporary transfer to the ministry, he added.

As the protest continued, a police riot squad came and had him freed.

Dr. Bellana said he has been asked to report to the ministry as a precautionary measure.


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