The Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Freedom People's Congress, Uththara Lanka Sabhagaya and several other political parties and groups have reached an agreement to contest the local government election under the 'helicopter' symbol, it is reported.

A special meeting between several parties including the Communist Party of Sri Lanka, the Democratic Left Front, Freedom People's Congress, The Sri Lanka Freedom Party and Uththara Lanka Sabhagaya was held last night (09) at the Communist Party headquarters in Colombo.

The Freedom People's Congress intimated that a new alliance will be formed in a couple of days.

Parliamentarian Dilan Perera, speaking on behalf of the Freedom People's Congress, said that they are ready to compete with a new symbol and will take necessary measures in this regard within the next 48 hours.

The local government election was won by the opposition. It was the opposition that insisted on holding the election. For that purpose, 23 opposition parties were gathered together and formed the Freedom People's Assembly.

"The opposition was able to get local government polls after a struggle. It was the opposition that insisted on holding the elections. Towards this end, the Freedom People's Congress was able to unite 23 opposition parties to form an alliance.

We think that even after the submission of nominations, they will try to postpone this election. However, we think that neither the Election Commission nor its chairman will be in position to move forward without holding local government polls.

The Freedom People's Congress had discussions with all progressive forces and parties. We think that a new alliance and a new symbol is necessary for us to contest as a new party," he added.


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