Justice Minister Wijeyedasa Rajapakshe has invited president of the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) Sival Illango and its executive director Danton Thurairajah to visit Sri Lanka.

The invitation was extended when the minister met CTC representative Panchalingam Kandiah at his ministry on November 16.

Kandiah handed over a letter from the CTC thanking the Sri Lankan government for delisting the organization, enabling it to take part in the reconciliation process.

While commending the right direction of the government to enhance the peace and reconciliation process, the CTC emphasized the steps to be taken on an urgent basis with a view to establishing a long lasting harmony and to recognise and respect the Sri Lankan identity.

The minister assured that all Sri Lankans will be treated equally and without any discrimination, while accommodating all diaspora people to have a platform to initiate and develop their business activities in a preferred area.

He also commended funding of medical requirements of the government hospitals in the Northern, Eastern and Western provinces recently by the CTC.


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