SJB MP S.M. Marikkar says the adoption of a new resolution at the UN Human Rights Council is one of the worst defeats in Sri Lanka’s history.

The proposal submitted by the core group at the 51st session of the UNHRC in Geneva was passed by 20-07 votes, while 20 countries abstained.

Foreign affairs minister Ali Sabri said his government vehemently rejected the resolution.

Commenting on this defeat, Marikkar told the media recently that this was the result of the repressions, both unleashed and coming as draft laws, by the present regime especially since Ranil Wickremesinghe became president.

The repressions came in the form of high security zones, denial of democratic rights such as freedom of speech, so-called acts to rehabilitate young protestors etc.

The UNHRC resolution will now affect the economy as well, he noted.

Everybody knows there is no way out without assistance from the IMF, ADB and the European Union, but citizens’ freedom should first be guaranteed before seeking such support, he said.

Marikkar said that if the president honestly wanted to see a way forward for the country, he should restructure debts, obtain international support to provide food and basic public facilities.

He should also secure new income generation avenues to prevent bankruptcy again, such as joining the IT, education and health markets to earn dollars.


Not just proving his honest intentions, the president should go further and eradicate fraud, bribery and corruption as well, said the SJB MP.

He said that as pointed out by him in parliament, losses from substandard fuel and gas should be halted by obtaining international support.

Had the president signed a government-to-government agreement with a Middle Eastern country, fuel importation would become completely corruption-free.


Marikkar asked the president to use his international relations to ensure dividends to the country, and not to make boastful remarks or to carryout media hypes.


Countering calls by persons like Namal Rajapaksa to rehabilitate young protestors, the MP asked as to what should be done with persons who are habitual swindlers of public money and are law-breakers.

The crisis will be at its worst within a couple of months, when especially the middle class exhausts their savings, he said, and warned the next struggle would come from the upper middle and the middle classes.

He vowed that the opposition would give leadership to the next struggle by the people against hunger.



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