Verité Research with a fresh attempt to inform the general public on the right of access to public information


With the enactment of the Right to Information Act in 2016, Sri Lankans have the right to access all the information related to any project that the government is implementing even before it has commenced.

The minister and the officials are obliged to provide information requested by citizens throughout the project implementation period as well.

However, according to research by independent think tank Verité Research, it has uncovered that the government agencies are not disclosing the information related to projects.

Verité said that for 60 large scale infrastructure projects they have analysed, of the information the government is expected to disclose, 82% was not available online.

As such, greater disclosure of project information is vital to reduce misuse of public money and corruption and the following videos were done to create greater awareness about right to information among citizens and to generate higher public demand for such information.

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