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Schools in the Uva province have achieved the best results at the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination in the post-Covid period.

According to the results of the 2021 examination, Uva, Eastern, Northwestern and Northern provinces are taking the first four places respectively.

The Southern province that took the fourth place was relegated to the eight place this year.

A total of 18,213 applicants sat for the exam from Uva and 11,862, or 65 per cent, qualified for university admission.

As many as 577 of them gained three As.

Only 1,549, or 8.5 pc, failed in all subjects.

As per island-wide results, 10,000 applicants received three As – 3,286 from Western province, 1,574 from Southern province, 1,118 from Northwestern province and 1,022 from the Central province.

A total of 27,352, or 10.03 pc, out of a total of 272,862 who sat for the exam, failed in all three subjects, while 171,497, or 62.89 pc, qualified for university admission.

Applicants’ prepared for the examination amidst various difficulties that were the results of the coronavirus pandemic.