One of the groups at the Galle Face protests, Black Cap Movement, says it vehemently opposes granting a cabinet position to Namal Rajapaksa in a future all-party government.

In a statement, its media spokesperson Buddhi Prabodha Karunaratne points to speculation in political circles that Rajapaksa has asked for a powerful ministry.

The main aim of the people’s struggle against the arbitrary Rajapaksa family politics was to bring about a new administration free of the Rajapaksa politics, it says.

The statement goes onto say the SLPP is planning to appoint Namal as its national organiser.

If the Rajapaksa cartel is without any sensitivity to the public opinion and tries to deceive the people, its political fate will be decided at the next election, says the Movement.

An all-party government to solve Sri Lanka’s crisis shouldn't be turned into a political game of the likes of Namal, it earnestly requests all political groups.


BCM Press 18.08.2022 page 0001