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Mano Ganeshan, a former minister of national reconciliation, dialogue and state languages, says he is prepared to meet with the Sri Lankan diaspora to bring dollars into the country, but wants rulers first to declare Sri Lanka as a country not only of Sinhalese Buddhists.

“This country should be declared as a pluralistic country. Not as a Sinhala Buddhist country, but as a Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim country as well. A Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Catholic country,” he told journalists in Colombo on August 15.


Ganeshan described as being positive and as a good message to the world about Sri Lanka the government’s move to remove a ban on six international Tamil organizations and individuals. He said he would be willing to take that message and go to North America, Europe and Australia to speak on behalf of Sri Lanka.


“I can do it. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil, not from the north–east, but an MP from Colombo who lives with the Sinhalese. I know Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese. I do not want government minister positions. I am not prepared for that. But, I am ready to work for the country. Therefore, I request president Ranil Wickremesinghe. Consider this... Diaspora institutions do not demand a separate country now. I can take up the responsibility. I can speak to them and bring about a change. But, I cannot go empty-handed. I want a plan from the government,” he said.

Ganeshan also wanted an assurance that the diaspora money he would be bringing into the country would be used for the people without any swindling.

The support of all Sinhalese and Tamil expatriates should be obtained to take the country out of the economic crisis with a 52 billion US dollar debt burden and a 500 million USD monthly requirement to run the country, he added.