A gazette notification issued by the Transport and Highways Ministry has removed the full-face helmet law, while making it compulsory to wear protective helmets for both the rider and the pillion.

As per the notification, every person who rides a motorcycle and the pillion rider on any road should wear a protective helmet with or without a visor.

Issued on July 07, the gazette notification said the helmets should be classified as Type B of the Sri Lanka Standard specification as protective helmets or any other standard that may be applicable for protective helmets from time to time.

“Such a protective helmet should bear the SLS product certification mark issued by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). Those helmets should not reflect light from their outer surface,” the notification said.

“The protective helmets should comprise a shell, a shock-absorbing liner, a chin strap, buffer padding and a headband. The chin strap of the helmet should be firmly fitted to the helmet, and it should have a mechanism that enables the wearer of the helmet to adjust the length of the chin strap and to fasten and unfasten the chin strap securely and conveniently.”

“The visor of the helmet should be fitted to the protective helmet and should not be worn if it is made of a tinted, coloured material or if it obscures the peripheral vision of the wearer of the helmet. The chin guard should not obstruct the peripheral vision of the wearer of the helmet.”