SJB lawmaker Eran Wickrmaratne speaking in the debate on the extension of the emergency regulation said that though the President declared the state of emergency to control the nation, an emergency law is really needed to save the people from hunger, ensure food security and supply gas and fuel including essential goods.

Speaking further, the MP said that this is the time when our children go back to school and establish their future existence. The state of emergency declared by the government brings fear for people's lives. I am here in Parliament to fight for an emergency for the survival of the people, not to kill our people.

"Today, when we were listening to these debates, facts were presented by the ruling party about the attack on some of the activists who broke the law. It is not wrong to take action against the persons concerned for the illegal acts. Law should be enforced against whoever commits wrong.


I would like to focus here on the illegal actions against many innocent people who are engaged in the struggle. The burning of Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe's private house is strongly condemned. None of the parents and relatives of their families should be held responsible for the actions of the ministers engaged in politics. We must change this political culture in Sri Lanka. I am against even going near a private house to protest.


During the struggle, what MP Kumar Welgama had to face was completely wrong. I also narrowly escaped the attack on May 9th at Galle Face. We do not condone any such incidents of violence. It can be observed that different motives arose because of people who held different views in the struggle.

In the general struggle, the demand was for a system change. The activists demanded some change in the governance of the state. There was also a request that the members of this parliament should be changed.


The Government MPs are alleging that the activists went to the presidential palace and had a bath with soap in the swimming pool. I would like to ask the government if that is the most serious crime in this country.


Under this government, there are many people who have been accused of clearing forests, cutting soil and sand mining, environmental damage, destroying the environment, and extortion, and some have been given suspended prison sentences for such charges.

When MPs speak against the activists here in Parliament, the people look at the MPs and say that these people should be changed. Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that the behavior of the activists was immoral. The people of the country are asking for a change after looking at the behavior of the 225 members of the parliament.

There is a difference between legality and legitimacy. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was legal but not legitimate, so he had to go home. Making Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe the President is legal. However, he asked if there is legitimacy in his appointment without a mandate from the people at an election.


People are questioning MPs like me about the legitimacy of the appointment of this president. We are legal. But that is the question people are asking about its legitimacy. This question must be answered.


The activists are demanding that there should be a change in this country. They demand to establish a Jana Sabha. It is good that Susil Premajayantha is also of the opinion that it should be done.

They are of the opinion that the rulers should get the opinion of the youth, women, academics, and civil society activists for governance. We need to develop such a procedure to get their opinions when decisions on public policies are reached. This requires urgent action on the part of the government.

Essential services such as fuel, domestic gas, education, health, public transport service, and electricity supply are impaired today. The people demand that such a program is necessary to get the views of all parties while maintaining these.

Such views are expressed by those who protested peacefully, and non-violently. They demand the release of those who have been arrested. Activists demand that action should also be taken against corruption. They are also emphasizing that asset and liability declarations should be made public.

They demand that the Bribery and Corruption Commission be made independent.There is already a draft prepared in this regard in the Attorney General's Department and requested that the law on the independence Bribery Commission be presented to the Parliament immediately.

There is a law for the recovery of stolen assets should be brought into this country immediately. In more than 28 years, the Bribery and Corruption Commission has not prosecuted a single prominent politician or official for bribery or corruption,

Many problems in this country have arisen through the executive presidential system. According to the current situation, an election should be held in a short time to ask the public opinion. There is a request to form a multi-party government. The Samagi Jana Balawegaya requests the government to present the necessary rules and regulations to the parliament to curb corruption, wastage, and theft.


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