Residents of a quiet neighborhood in Pannipitiya are currently left heart broken and have reached out to the media seeking help to assist one of Sri Lanka's respected and qualified mathematics lecturers who taught thousands of students during his tenure at the Open University of Sri Lanka and who is now living in the most deplorable conditions and unsafe conditions being unable to fully fend for himself.

"Chandrasoma Kasthuriarachchi currently lives at 765, Station Road Pannipitiya and is in urgent need of great care for multiple reasons," said a resident with much empathy.

Continuing further the neighborhood resident said, "These pictures tell you the sad story of the conditions that this once respected man is currently living under. His roof may collapse any moment and that too can happen any moment. Currently when it rains his entire house gets wet and at times he covers himself with a black plastic bag to shield himself. He does not have a bed to sleep on and lies on a chair the entire day. A bucket left by his side is what is used for all his latrine purposes. He is a top candidate who could get Dengue and I also believe he has not even been given his Covid -19 vaccines as well."

Some other neighborhood residents say that Chadrasoma Kasthuriarachchi is the brother of Jayani Chandralatha Pinnawala who is married to Prema Pinnawala.

"We don't know if there has been any family dispute and as to why Chadrasome Kasthuriarachchi is made to live in such conditions all by himself," said another resident.

However, some residents claim that this has now been brought to the notice of government authorities as on several occasions when they have phoned his sister in Colombo to even inform them that Chandrasoma Kasthuriarachchi has not yet got his Covid-19 vaccines, their calls have not been answered in a respectful manner.


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