Sri Lanka was able to gain independence due to the joint efforts of all communities irrespective of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, Suha Farook said.

As a student preparing for the Advanced Level Examination, she reiterated the importance of breaking the type of patriotism that endorses discrimination against the minority communities.

"Patriotism isn't violence, intolerance or discrimination towards minorities. It is important to break the stereotype of patriotism. Instead, rebrand a true patriot as a person who loves his country and would go above and beyond to do anything for the country," she said.

Suha Farook made these comments at the True Patriots press briefing held at the Freedom Hub in Colombo on Sunday (25).

An initiative of former minister Mangala Samaraweera, the 'True Patriots' movement will seek to empower the youth of this country to redefine political ideologies with the aim of creating a radical centrist movement towards nation building.

Speaking to the media, she said:

"A true patriot is a person who loves their country and one that would go above and beyond to do anything for the country.

Someone who wants to see their country flourish. However, this can only be done together. Together we rise, divided we fall.

We are the youth of Sri Lanka. We are the future. It is up to us to make this difference.

100 years ago, Sri Lanka was one of the most developed countries and it was one of the richest countries.

We can regain this hope but we just have to work together.

We have to be united with each other.

Freedom for Sri Lankans was not possible without the joint efforts of all despite the separation of religious and cultural backgrounds in all communities.

A single voice cannot make a difference. In fact, it is just like a drop of water, but together we are much stronger.

With unity, we have power, strength and courage.

I believe in true patriotism. I believe in Sri Lanka, I believe in democracy. I believe in freedom. I believe in unity and brotherhood.


One must stand for democracy and justice in the country or else silence will embolden the forces against peace and justice in Sri Lanka.


All right minded Sri Lankans must break their silence and unite to protect democracy where everyone has an equal chance and opportunity.

I am Muslim. He is Sinhala. You are Tamil and she's a Christian. But after all, we are all Sri Lankans.

Unity, it begins with you. If not you, then who?."





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