An outlet of the Co-operative Wholesale Establishment (Sathosa) has allowed the sale of liquor in violation of quarantine regulations, it is learnt.

Accordingly, a Sathosa outlet in Anuradhapura has sold liquor on Monday (07) evening.

It is reported that the Ministry of Trade has already launched a probe into the incident.

The state-owned Sathosa has allowed the sale of liquor at a time when the Excise Department has sealed all licensed liquor outlets island-wide until the travel restrictions are lifted.

82 hotels permitted to serve liquor

However, 82 leading hotels have been allowed to sell liquor to foreign tourists.

The Excise Department has granted permits for 82 'Safe and Secure Level 1 Hotels' islandwide.

While these permits do not apply to locals staying in the hotels, they will be allowed to sell liquor only to foreign tourists.

The list of Certified Level 01 Hotels is found below.

hotel list

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