The United National Party (UNP) has raised concerns over the availability of PCR tests in the country.

Speaking to the media today (07), UNP General-Secretary, Palitha Range Bandara, questioned the Government on the allegations that the health authorities have run out of PCR testing kits for the next week.

“The Government must confirm or deny the rumors that there is a shortage of PCR testing kits in the country. If this is correct, how do the authorities plan to rectify this issue and how soon can new testing kits be deployed. If this allegation is false, the Government must state how many PCR kits are available in the country and whether orders have been placed for new testing kits,” he said.

As Sri Lanka is currently experiencing an 8% positive rate on our PCR testing, Range Bandara stressed on the need to increase the number of PCR tests to help identify other high risk areas in the country.

The General-Secretary also urged the Government to take the unpopular decision and impose an island-wide lockdown for a period of two weeks to help contain the spread of the virus.

“Locking down the country is not a popular decision and will inconvenience many people in the public. However, if this decision is not taken, then the repercussions from this outbreak will be far worse than the economic damage,” he warned.

He urged the Government not to repeat the same mistakes that were committed during the earlier waves of the Covid pandemic.

"The Government delayed vital decisions during the first and second COVID-19 waves last year which cost us numerous lives. They must not repeat their mistakes,” he added.