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It is reported that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has threatened SLPP MP Wijeydasa Rajapakse PC, over the phone today (16).

A person close to the parliamentarian said that he has decided to convene a special press conference at his residence today to brief the public regarding the incident.

At a press conference held at the Abayaramaya yesterday (15), he said that two American citizens were looting the country and that all decisions of the government were taken by 'Mr. 20%' while the President is just merely a puppet.

The SLPP MP launched a scathing attack on both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Basil Rajapaksa at the press conference while praising Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He further said that Basil Rajapaksa is the unofficial president of this country and that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been confined to play the role of a puppet as he doesn't take any decisions.

The disgruntled MP also claimed that no one listens to what Premier Mahinda Rajapaksa has to say anymore.


President calls Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero


Following the media briefing at the Abayaramaya yesterday, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in a phone call to the Chief Incumbent of the Abayaramaya in Narehenpita, Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero had strongly criticized Wijeydasa Rajapakshe's remarks.

The President has also said that he will continue to seek advice from Ven. Murutthettuwe Ananda Thero.