A 3-day exploration and goodwill visit to Eastern Province by Senior Buddhist religious leaders, Christian priests and Muslim religious leaders facilitated by Zam Zam Foundation took place from 7th to 9th of April 2021 covering Pottuvil, Kattankudy and Batticaloa.

The programmes were coordinated through Sri Lanka Amarapura and Ramanna Nikaya Samagri Sangha Sabhawa and the Federation of Kattankudy Mosques and Islamic Institutions.

The delegation visited the “Muhudu Maha Viharaya” in Pottuvil while also meeting with representatives of the local Muslim community to listen to positions and concerns of both sides.

In Batticaloa, the delegation visited Zion Church which was attacked by Terrorists on Easter Sunday in 2019, Mamangam Hindu Church and Kattankudy Mira Masjid where hundreds were gunned down by LTTE during the height of war.

There were several interactive discussions with AlFalah Madrasa staff, Siddikiya Ladies Arabic College and Kattankudy Federation.

Children from Kattankudy Central College and Kattankudy Balika Vidyalaya felicitated the delegation at their respective schools.

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