The United National Party (UNP) has condemned the recent arrest of the Mayor of Jaffna, Visvalingam Manivannan, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

"Allegedly this arrest took place due to concerns raised regarding the uniforms worn by members of the Municipal Council. The Party believes that an inquiry into any alleged wrongdoing by an elected official must be carried out by the relevant Ministry prior to any police action," the UNP said in a statement today (09).

The UNP stressed that clear evidence must be presented regarding the allegations that the uniforms worn by the members of the council who have been employed to oversee the cleanliness of the Municipality has any resemblance to uniforms worn by the LTTE.

They also drew attention to the uniforms worn by the parking attendants within the Colombo Municipality, and questioned if those could also be viewed as similar to those worn by the LTTE.

"We urge that the relevant authorities ensure this matter is handled in a transparent manner and the elected officials be treated with the dignity and respect their office commands," the party said.