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Due to the ridiculous tariff adjustment made by the present government regarding sugar tax, the Ministry of Finance has submitted a report to the Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance regarding the importation and imposition of taxes on sugar.

During the period of good governance from January 2019 to December 31, 2019, the market price of sugar had only changed by one rupee.

That is, the market price in January 2019 was Rs. 106 per kilo and the market price in December was Rs. 107 per kilo.

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Former Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera says that despite the change in the foreign exchange rate, it was possible to provide sugar to the consumer at a reasonable price due to the adoption of a correct pricing policy and an import tax policy.


The two good governance Finance Ministers of 2015-2019 were able to make independent decisions and adjust tariffs based on world market prices without any intervention from the President.


From January to December 2020, the price of sugar has gradually increased from Rs. 107 to Rs. 139 and then reduced to Rs. 114.

An official of the Ministry of Finance stated that the Minister of Finance has not instructed to change any tariff or issue gazette notifications on behalf of friends and acquaintances at the time.