The town of Jamkhed in the Indian state of Maharashtra is known for its Lavani dancers.

Performed to the beats of a traditional percussion instrument, Lavani's origin goes back centuries.

It is traditionally performed by women who wear bright-coloured saris and bells around the ankles - called the ghunghroo - and dance before a live audience.

But the folk dance has recently come under criticism for being risque.

Women involved in the profession also say they often face sexual abuse and harassment.

Many of them are now concerned about the effects of their lifestyle on their children.

Reported by Anagha Pathak and Ashay Yedge, shot by Mangesh Sonawane and Madhuram Solkepalli from BBC Marathi.

This story was done in collaboration with 'Baimanus', part of the BBCShe project where we are working on journalism to serve women audiences.



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