The heart of a Sri Lankan lady living in Ankara, Turkey has melted for the victims of the deadly earthquake which killed as many as 35,000 people (the number expected to rise further).

Dilhani Chandrakumar, who has lived in that country for eight years working as a project manager, offered to help.

She, along with her husband, was connected to the Salvation Church Association carrying out humanitarian tasks such as caregiving for the affected.

Out of her largess, she hand-picked a family with a one and a half year-old baby.

Now, she has sheltered the family - the baby, the parents - the grandparents and the maternal uncle in her upstairs house.

The incredible nature of the devastation caused by the earthquake and its traumatizing effect prompted her to undertake a charitable exercise by hosting an affected family.

In the tragedy, the baby's house has been reduced to rubble.

The grandparent's house is heavily damaged.

All the members are left with nothing but a little amount of saved-up money.

The baby's father is a construction worker and the grandfather is a plumber.

Dilhani and her husband now have stepped up to care for the family as long as they want.

"I really don't see it as an expensive exercise. We decided to help because we deeply empathize and as Christ, we want to love and be compassionate for those most hurting and in need," she said.



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