Kalana Gunasekara is a talented actor, who has reached you with a number of characters you love.

He is better known as Priyantha Mahaulpathagama in ‘Koombiyo’ teledrama.

Unlike Priyantha, the real- life Kalana was a spirited figure in his childhood.

Born at Weniwelkola in Piliyandala, he has a younger brother only.

His father, a teacher at a technical college, died in 2001.

With the mother having a job in the Mahaweli Ministry, Kalana did not feel life’s burdens much.

When he was living, the father used to take both boys to Valentine Hall, where dramas and films were shown.

After some time, Kalana has joined with ‘Venin’, to speak about his very first role as a bull, and much more:



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