The songs specially created for children are called children's songs. A certain criterion to be concerned with when writing and composing a song for children as they are not capable of understanding complex, profound words, ideas, and melodies mostly suitable for adults.

Children’s songs mainly have three things in common: The songs could be understood easily, and could be sung without difficulties while dancing.


A song will teach children – a new skill, new words, new actions, and playing instruments.


We must not forget that children are very simple. Therefore, children's songwriters and creators should be very careful when selecting the words, choosing the idea, and using melodies for a children’s song. However, a successful nursery rhyme can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.

One of the most important aspects of children's songwriting is the setting of the school music subject and curriculum. Education experts prepare music curricula intending to produce creative and imaginative people for the future and not just to pass an exam. A person who lives his life in harmony with music has no difficulty in recognizing the rhythm of another's heart. Also, research has proven that among all the arts, music has the power of balancing a person.


But the unfortunate thing we hear and see in recent times is that children's musical tastes, interests, and abilities are moving in a different direction.


When we explore the songs today's children choose to listen to, sing, and enjoy, we wonder if children are losing their childhood. But unfortunately, parents or teachers choose complex and advanced adult songs for the child.


Many parents think of the short-term benefits and not the long-term value of keeping a child in the music industry. Today's children want to sing like parrots and gain instant fame.


Parents, teachers, and electronic media are foremost among those responsible for this situation. Parents should be aware and interested in providing proper nutrition for their child's mind, like providing good quality food for their child's physical nutrition and providing them with appropriate clothes to give the child a beautiful appearance. It is up to the parents to select the appropriate books for the child to read and select and direct the children to the additional activities required to develop their skills. Also, parents should choose suitable songs, dramas, and movies for their children to listen to and watch.

Nowadays parents participate their children in music competitions organized by various television channels. Often for these competitions, the children choose to sing songs selected by adults. Sometimes parents do not understand the meaning of the song that their child is going to sing. They do not care about the suitability of the song to the child's world. They don't even want to think about it.

Understandably, parents may also be joining the social bandwagon. Parents are rare in today's society, who think that a child should be nurtured by providing proper music training. Also, their understanding of music in terms of children is perhaps very poor. It is a question of whether many parents do not understand or pretend not to understand the social destruction that will be caused in the future by encouraging children to sing songs that are not fitting for their age.


The time has come to re-think this situation and the media that works to evaluate the ability of gifted children and introduce them to the world as it is their responsibility.


I believe that by making some changes in the reality shows which have become very popular in recent times, the course of the children in the music world can be corrected.

Music can develop valuable human qualities like sensitivity and self-control in a person. We started enjoying the songs when we lean on our mother's lap.


Children's songs can teach many important things, knowledge, and thoughts that need to be incorporated into a child's life. Music is a great tool for creating a well-rounded child.


In recent times, children's songs are almost non-existent. Children’s song writers and music composures are also frustrated. They do not get motivated by society to add more creations to children’s world. It should not be too late to save children from the social wave of depravity.


Ndi Dissanayake 2022.03.21 12






Dr. Nadee Dissanayake
Founder/Secretary - CUP
Senior Commissioner
Inland Revenue, Sri Lanka

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