An island-wide programme by Supreme TV for the eye care of all Sri Lankans starts on May 17 from Thirappane.

‘Supreme Care’ is a corporate responsibility effort by Supreme Global Holdings, the parent company of Supreme TV.

Arrangements are now in place with its full sponsorship to care for the 22 million pairs of eyes of all Sri Lankans and to ensure the health of the helpless elderly, together with the organizational strength of the Sri Lanka branch of Helpage International.

‘Supreme Care’ comprises medical and eye clinics throughout the country to address vision weaknesses and risk of cataract, mainly targeting the low-income group.

It will be carried out under the theme “Your valuable eyes that view us are valuable like eyes for us.”

Supreme TV will bring viewers full details of the dates and places of these health clinics in advance.

Supreme Global Holdings is a local enterprise that caters to communication, cargo transportation, excavation, satellite technology, information technology, energy and several other fields.

It has been instrumental in bringing a number of foreign commercial investments to the country in order to strengthen her economy.

Preliminary arrangements are underway to launch several of these projects.

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